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    "The status quo exists to extinguish your inner fire. You exist to set the world ablaze."

    Hayfa Marengo

    A Little About Me...

    Growing up, I was always a rebel with a cause. As a first generation American, raised by my single, Arab father, I learned early on that taking chances in life, that challenging the status quo was going to be a necessity for me to break free from the cultural and religious shackles that were used to try to conform me into a person I never wanted to be. The vision I had for my life, was so much bigger than the vision my family had for me - and that was what fueled me.

    Thanks to my less than idilic childhood, riddled with life lessons in the form of a controlling & religious father, and a drug addicted & absent mother, I recognized early on, if great things were meant to be for me, it was going to be up to me to make it a reality.


    So, rather than allow my past to define my future, I began to take action. I fast tracked through high school, graduating at age 16 as Salutatorian, began college a year prior at age 15, while still in high school, and then began working with my first U.S. Congressman by age 17.

    I am the first woman in my family to receive a Bachelors Degree, a Masters Degree, and a second Masters Degree; individually and combined. Accomplishments that would likely never have occurred if I had listened to what the world told me I should be doing with my life.

    Today I'm an author, master project juggler, serial volunteer, world traveler, avid singer, wife to my best friend, mom of two fur kids, and a free spirited believer in the power of intention.

    I am living proof that it's not about where you start in life that defines you, it's what you are willing to do, to change your path through this world, that truly defines you.

    My Story

    How I Became a Catalyst for Change...

    I received my first Master's Degree in Public Administration with an emphasis on Non-Profit Management, and my second Master's Degree in Project Management. My thesis was on International Microfinance; getting loans into the hands of third world entrepreneurs, allowing them the opportunity to create positive economic impact in their communities.

    I quickly began working with the United States Federal Government as a way to help give myself reputable experience. Experience that would ideally get me to my ultimate goal of helping others do big things in the world.

    Three years, a bucket load of stress, deteriorating health, and a resignation letter later, I felt more lost than I ever had. In my time with the Federal Government, I learned that the size of ones desire to help, is immediately overshadowed by the bureaucracy and policy that exists. It broke my heart and caused me to question my path.

    It was during this same time, that I was exposed to the world of Network Marketing and the concept of working from anywhere with wifi. A world of like-minded individuals working towards similar goals.I was hooked. It was the catalyst that my innovative mind had been yearning for.


    Five years later, here we are today. I have an international team of more than 2000 people, representing 9 different countries, and a pretty nifty residual income stream that takes care of those insane student loans. Residual income = the gift every grad should leave school with.

    It has been the great honor of my life thus far, to be able to work with such empowering and inspiring individuals, who refuse to let their fires be extinguished by the mediocrity of the status quo.


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    The three most important days in your life are the day you are born,

    the day you find out why, and the day you find the vehicle that can take you there.

    Are you ready to start your life?

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    "We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give."



    A sense of calm for communities and classrooms.

    The mission of Mindfulness First is to empower children and adults with life skills to deal with conflict and adversity while facilitating happiness.


    As the Marketing & Advocacy Chair, Secretary, and Member of the Board of Directors, our driving vision is to help all Arizonans to live mindfully and peacefully.


    Vitalyst Health Foundation

    Agents of Community Transformation Fellowship

    Improving the well-being in Arizona by addressing root causes and broader issues that affect health. Developing collective leadership to address our toughest challenges related to building healthy communities and cultivating greater compassion throughout our communities in Arizona.

    The Pet Knot

    Tying the Knot Between People & Pets.

    The Pet Knot combines the efforts of like-minded animal rescues and volunteers, humbly striving to make a dent in the urgent pet over-population crisis.


    As social media chair and foster, we call ourselves The Pet Knot because we pair humans and animals with their perfect, lifelong match.

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